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Back pain effects many people, in varying locations and intensities. Upper back, mid-back and lower back pain can be very debilitating and people of all ages suffer day after day with minimal relief.


RPM Myotherapy & Massage offers treatment for back pain and its various causes, including:

  • Torn, pulled or sprained back muscles (including traps or trapezius)

  • Stiffness

  • Sacroiliac joint pain (SIJ)

  • Disc bulge, or protrusion

  • Sciatica

In addition, RPM Myotherapy offers

experience with the Mckenzie Method

which has proven to be very effective

at dealing with many issues, including

disc bulge of the spine.

Many cases of back pain originate from tight or damaged muscles and surrounding tissues. Clinical Myotherapists help to gently correct muscle spasm and educate you about your pain so that you can better manage it in the future and prevent it from returning.

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