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Dry-needling is the use of fine acupuncture needles, to replicate the benefits of cortisone injection, without the use of medication. It is commonly used for stubborn injuries that don't respond to traditional treatments, like massage. Tight contracted muscle tissue can be resistant to massage, and therefore remain tight and pain producing after treatment. This is where dry-needling works well.

Dry-needling was developed through extensive studies, where western doctors found that the application of the needle alone, when performing a cortisone injection, was playing a significant part in pain relief and injury recovery. When the needle is applied into the tight tissue, that tissue releases, allowing it to function normally again and recover.

A key benefit of dry-needling, other then no nasty chemical side effects, is long lasting pain relief and the correction of a chronic injury. In these cases, massage alone is often unsuccessful long term or too painful. It is important to know that dry-needling is different to acupuncture, even though the experience can be very similar.

Common injuries treated succesfully with dry-needling include: sciatica, tennis elbow, achillies tendinitis, chronic lower back and neck pain, groin strains and shoulder pain.


Darcy at RPM Myotherapy and Massage Warragul, studied dry needling for 3 years full time and has over 11 years experience, to offer a very high skill level and professionalism. Many other practitioners who offer dry-needling, have often undergone a weekend training course.

If you have an injury you would like to enquire about, please feel welcome to make contact.

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