Product prices


Spikey and smooth massage ball - $10 

These are great tools for self massage to prolong the benefit of your myotherapy appointment. Either up against the wall or on the ground, you can target most areas in the body.

Foam Rollers

30cm- $25

These have so many uses. Stretch and release tight muscles and joints. Strengthen muscles with co-ordination and balance exercises. 


120gm - $25

This all natural product provides excellent support for injury recovery, pain relief and anti-inflammatory. People often report that it's more effective than the synthetic competition.

Mckenzie back supports

Desk chair (super roll) - $50 (Recommended retail $65)

Car seat (slim line) - $50 (Recommended retail $65)

These are not generic back supports. A lot of research has been done by the Mckenzie institute to develop a product of high quality that provides optimal support that lasts. Mckenzie is whole body assessment and treatment method, which very effectively resolves and prevents pain and injury.